Which Factors Increase and Decrease Burglaries

Which Factors Increase and Decrease Burglaries

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It's simple. We all wish to see property crime decrease by making our best to increase security measures. On the other hand, the rate of burglaries is decreased at some places and remains at high levels in other neighborhoods. Sometimes, we are often under the impression that by buying good security door locks intruders are kept out and yet our home is burgled two days later. So, what's going on? Why some months the rates go up and two months later go down? Why some homes are never targeted and some neighborhoods are hit by perpetrators multiple times? Let's discover the true factors, which increase or decrease burglaries and let's find out why.

Burglary rates are differentiated due to various factors

Which Factors Increase and Decrease BurglariesIt is common sense that burglars are discouraged by new age door locks and high security systems. The more precautions you take the better! Statistics show that strong security systems decrease the possibility of burglaries by 80%. That's a high rate! This is due to the fact that intruders don't like spending time trying to deal with modern systems and resistant deadbolts and move on to their next target. Though, keep in mind that the strongest bolts need maintenance, too. If you notice the slightest problem, don't postpone lock repair.

At the same time, it's noticed that burglaries are also decreased when the weather is bad or the property has no hiding spots. Since, people do not go out in bad weather so much, intruders fear that they will get caught and refrain from “working”. It's not peculiar that the rates of burglaries increase during holiday seasons and vacations. For this reason, it's necessary for us to take good precautions and improve our security systems in a way that gives the impression that the house is inhabited at all times. This is possible with motion detectors, timers for lights, leaving no shrubs untrimmed, and no dark spots in the perimeter of the house. If you were planning lock change anyway, why don't you do it before you go away?

If you see the reflection of all the above factors, you get the picture of why burglary rates are increased at some periods and neighborhoods. Homes, which are not secured enough, make the perfect targets. When there are no lights in the yard, the window latches are easily breakable, lost house keys are simply replaced and not changed, and locks are hardly repaired or replaced, the chances for intrusions are higher. Do you know that 50% of burglaries happen due to the fact that people leave their doors unlocked? Many intruders walk in through the front door thanks to the keys they have stolen from your purse. They know what they are going in for when you throw the box of an expensive product right outside your home. Burglaries increase when we make the work of burglars easy. So, let's stop doing that!

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