The tips shared on this page will help you greatly with this. They cover different aspects of the locksmith field which are quite important to all property owners.

Avoid confusion and silly mistakes when it comes to door locks and keys. Take advantage of the following tips in the locksmith field to do things right in different situations. It is our goal to help you reach and keep the optimal level of security and we will do everything necessary to achieve it.

Avoid hollow woods for your door

While hollow woods are cheaper, they don’t provide much security because they can be easily kicked in, making it easier for thieves to enter. The best materials to choose for your doors are steel and solid wood. According to our experts, these are sturdy and difficult to break, thus offering better security.

Doors and frames should not have gaps

While it’s important to have quality locks installed in your home, it’s equally important that doors are properly installed, too. Make sure there are no gaps between the frame and door as this could give thieves a chance to pry inside the house and plan an attack. If you see any gaps, have it fixed immediately.

Get in the habit of checking all windows and doors before leaving the house

It should be second nature and part of your routine to think about all locks before leaving. If it isn't, it's time to start drilling it in. Some insurers will claim that cover is voided if you are attacked while one of your locks or windows is left open. Why take the risk? Make sure your window locks are properly locked and in place.

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